Scope of business



Harbor hospital after 110 years of development and growth, from Dalian port opened the beginning of planning and design, development of the future for the portindustry. In line with the "provides expert solutions for port logistics people, to contribute to the improvement of human life" for the mission, adhering to the "customer first, quality first, honesty and trustworthiness, striving for excellence" spirit ofenterprise, has developed into a research and design of integrated research anddesign companies. With the Ministry of construction issued a "water transport industries (port) class a" design certificate; water transport industries b; "building b" engineering design certificate; river engineering of grade a engineering consultationissued by the national development and Reform Commission certificates and pressure piping of the Liaoning Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision issued GB2, GC2 (1, 4)-level engineering design certificate.

Is mainly engaged in port construction, shipyard, bulk transportation, stations, construction of non-standard equipment, logistics, planning, research, business, and on the development of new technologies, new processes, new equipment. Professional, fully furnished and strong technical force. The existing port and shipping, construction, structural, geotechnical, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, communications, automation, budget, transportation, technology, equipment, advice, planning, and other professionals. Since its founding, thousands of design task was completed. Yearsof Liaoning province "Shou contract re-credit" unit title.

Port construction projects including docks, breakwaters, shore protection, cofferdams, reclamation, such as hydraulic design process design and accessory design; preparation of the navigation safety assessment; and waterway engineering designreviews