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       百余年的传承,为大港院留下了一支具有丰富经验的设计团队,130多名员工涵盖了勘察 、规划、设计、项目管理等各个专业领域,他们中无论是白发苍苍的老专家,还是初出茅庐的年轻设计师,都胸怀大海、俯首细微,以精益求精的设计精神、以超越客户期待的服务理念,执着于专业技术领域的追求,以智慧建设梦想,用一个个精品工程回报了各方业主。

DPI, the subsidiary of Dalian Port CO., is the first port design and research enterprise which won the Port Engineering Design Level A Qualification domestically. Meanwhile, it has Port Engineering Consulting Level A, Building Engineering Design Level B, Geotechnical Investigation Level B, Pressure Piping GB2, GC2 and passed ISO9000 quality system certification and GB/T28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, can undertake businesses in port and waterway engineering, industrial and civil construction, project assessment of oil storage and transport, scientific research planning, geotechnical investigation, foundation treatment, primary design and construction drawing design and EPC.

Over one hundred years inheritance, DPI owns an experienced design group, including over 130 staffs, which major in reconnaissance, planning, design, project management. No matter how old they are, they are ambitious and careful and they have the service concept of  beyond clients’ expectation, the chase of focusing on professional skills. Our staffs achieve their dreams by using knowledge, bringing back quality projects for our owners. 

With the guidance of “human resource, market, corporation, innovation”, DPI is absorbed in Port & Waterway Engineering. As a forerunner of consultancy planning, it intensifies characteristic and differentiated service, upgrades architectural engineering technology, develops adequate and systematic service products such as non-standard equipments and exploration and prospection technology. Meanwhile, DPI promotes general contracting, dipping into design process, in order to expand our market from home to overseas market like South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Russia and so on.

One hundred years has passed, DPI becomes a new emerging force which has both comprehensive strength and characteristics business.

Heart has no border, expansion has no frontier. In today's world, opportunities and challenges exist side by side. DPI will devote itself to making waterway logistics better and easier, absorb diversify, innovate technology, lead our staff to a higher level in port planning and design field, and share our wisdom-designed extraordinary achievement with our clients.

DPI, worthy to trust.